Kings of Summer

The dog days of summer are upon us. While most of us are soaking up the summer sun, enjoying every waking minute of what seems to be the shortest of the seasons, my thoughts have already begun to turn. To what you ask? Chinook of course. But here in the Great Lakes we’re still weeks … Continue reading Kings of Summer

Selective Harvest

There is so much debate lately over harvesting fish. It’s not clear what side of the argument is more prominent, catch and keep or catch and release. The debate seems to have no grey area either. You either keep fish or you practice catch and release and each side is hating on the other. There … Continue reading Selective Harvest

Steelheading 101: It’s all about respect

There is plenty of debate over what constitutes being a steelheader. Some say it’s about dedication. The hardcore; the ones who eat sleep and breathe the fish; the ones who can drop everything at a moment’s notice; the ones who do whatever they can to get into fish. Dedication is an honorable trait but does … Continue reading Steelheading 101: It’s all about respect

The Best Steelheading of the Spring is Right Now

And suddenly it’s March. Despite the fact that as I write this I look out on what could possibly the most significant snowfall we’ve had here this year, winter is coming to an end. Who’s thinking of spring when everything is covered in a blanket of fresh powder? I am. Spring is so close I … Continue reading The Best Steelheading of the Spring is Right Now