A Question of Sanity

The moment was not brief, as I stood beside the truck and questioned my mental state. It was also not the first time I’d done so. Who in their right mind would leave the comfort and warmth of their own home to stand riverside in the pre-dawn darkness and sub-zero temperatures? No one. No one … Continue reading A Question of Sanity

The Ultimate Fish Catcher

Fishermen love to talk fishing. Most are opinionated people so it really didn’t surprise me that when the topic of the ultimate lure came up the other day, everyone had a different answer. From cranks to jerkbaits, tubes to swimbaits everyone had a favorite and I listened intently to the reasoning behind each one. None … Continue reading The Ultimate Fish Catcher

Steelheading Kryptonite

There is a strong possibility that I have found my steelheading kryptonite. You see, for research purposes I’m spending a fall, if not more, experimenting with color. I’ve been going completely scent free, focusing on the fact that steelhead are primarily sight feeders. It led me to using beads; a lot of beads. In fact … Continue reading Steelheading Kryptonite