Bring on February

January is coming to a close. Surprisingly enough for a guy who absolutely loves winter steelheading, I’ve spent very little time on the water. To be honest the weather has been kind of all over the place to start the winter off. December cold snaps and what seemed like an unbelievable amount of early snow … Continue reading Bring on February

Ghosts of Steelhead Past

It’s a short list of fish that haunt my dreams, but it’s a list none the less. As fishermen we all have tales of the one that got away, but this is different. These are fish that when I close my eyes I envision. I awake in a cold sweat in the middle of the … Continue reading Ghosts of Steelhead Past

Steelheading Kryptonite

There is a strong possibility that I have found my steelheading kryptonite. You see, for research purposes I’m spending a fall, if not more, experimenting with color. I’ve been going completely scent free, focusing on the fact that steelhead are primarily sight feeders. It led me to using beads; a lot of beads. In fact … Continue reading Steelheading Kryptonite

Low and Clear: The struggles of a fall without rain

Suddenly it’s November. At one point it seemed like this time would never come. Although I’ve been catching fall steelhead for over a month now, November gets me particularly excited. At some point during the month the run is going to peak and the steelheading is going to be at its best. At least that’s … Continue reading Low and Clear: The struggles of a fall without rain