Steelheading 101: Know the Fish

Hardened steelheaders can make a tough pursuit look easy. 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish for a reason. Steelheading isn’t as simple as throwing your line in and hoping for the best. If that’s your approach you may as well pack it in because you’re in for some frustrating time on the … Continue reading Steelheading 101: Know the Fish

Steelheading 101: It’s all about respect

There is plenty of debate over what constitutes being a steelheader. Some say it’s about dedication. The hardcore; the ones who eat sleep and breathe the fish; the ones who can drop everything at a moment’s notice; the ones who do whatever they can to get into fish. Dedication is an honorable trait but does … Continue reading Steelheading 101: It’s all about respect